Certification Renewal

Certification Renewal Program



Product Description

Recertification  Process

Our certified wetland delineator program consists of 4 independent programs.  Each of the certifications issued for these programs is valid for 5 years.  To renew the certification a combination of  continuing education related to the certification type  and a separate renewal fee are required.  This applies to the following programs:

  • Certified Wetland Botanist
  • Certified Wetland Hydrolgist
  • Certified Hydric Soil Investigator
  • Certified Wetland Delineator

Each program requires 10 continuing education hours.  This includes Swamp School workshops, attendance at conferences, or other third party relevant courses or classes.

A $200 fee is required for each certification program renewal.

To renew the Wetland Delineator  Certification a total of 40 hours of wetland continuing education and an $800 fee would be required.    This would need to include 10 hours each in soils, vegetation, hydrology and regulatory topics.  Many of our short courses and webinars would satisfy this requirement.

To start the renewal process choose which certification types you wish to renew.  Once you check out, we will contact you for copies of your training and /or conference attendance documentation.

Please be sure to only renew the programs for which you were originally certified.