Our Team

Marc Seelinger, PWS – Founder

Marc is our founder, director, and lead instructor.  He has over 30 years of professional wetlands experience stemming from a distinguished career as an environmental consultant.  He has worked on large and small wetland projects around the country and a few overseas.  His primary focus has been on wetland assessment, delineation, and design.

Marc is the primary author of most of our wetland course offered.  He brings to the classroom a wealth of “real-world” experiences that he is happy to share with his students.  He has many stories from the field that demonstrate the practical side of wetlands work.

Marc’s passion has always been teaching.  He loves to see students learn a new plant, understand a hydric soil classification or envision a new wetland system design.

He is highly credentialed, and these are a listing of some of his certifications.

2006       US Department of Agriculture:  Technical Service Provider.  Certification No. #TSP-05-4739

2006       North Carolina Department of Transportation, Erosion and Sediment Control:  Level II Stormwater Certification No. #891

2002       National Environmental Policy Act, Project Development & Section 4 (f) Training, Federal Highway Administration, Baltimore Maryland

2002       Aquatic Insect Collection Protocols for Stream Mitigation and Restoration, North Carolina Division of Water Quality, Raleigh, North Carolina

2002       River Assessment and Monitoring (Rosgen Level III), Wildland Hydrology, Pagosa Springs, Colorado

2000       River Morphology and Applications (Rosgen Level II), Wildland Hydrology, Pagosa Springs, Colorado

2000       Applied Fluvial Geomorphology (Rosgen Level I), Wildland Hydrology, Pagosa Springs, Colorado

1999       Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS) # 1236: Society of Wetland Scientists, Nationwide

1999       State of Maryland Qualified Professional Forest Stand Delineation & Conservation Planning

1997       State of Maryland Erosion and Sediment Control Certified Responsible Person No. 06512

1993       State of Delaware Stormwater and Sediment Control Construction Reviewer Cert.  No. 1904

1993       Baltimore District Certified Wetland Delineator # WDCP93MD0610054B

Walt Milowic – Instructor

Walt has been teaching at the Swamp School for over 5 years.  He has worked with hundreds of wetland delineation students helping them work on online programs as well as classroom workshops.  Prior to joining the Swamp School Walt has a distinguished career as a Naval Aviator.  Upon retiring from the Navy, Walt obtained his state teaching licensee and had worked as a science teacher for over 20 years.

Lori Reese –  Instructor

Lori works with our wetland design and delineation students online.  She has an impressive background in biology, chemistry and natural science.  Prior to working at the Swamp School Lori was a science teacher for over 20 years.

Lucas Jerden – Instructor

Lucas teaches our project management programs.  He is a Lean Six Sigma “Black Belt” and is very experienced in organizing and identifying project improvements.  He has over 20 years of experience working with engineers and scientists, teaching ways to improve program functions, eliminate waste and increase overall efficiency.

Molly Seelinger –  Newsletter Author/Social Media Specialist

Molly works part-time as a contributor to our weekly newsletter.  Her duties include researching wetland-related topics and drafting articles that would of interest to our students.  She also helps us keep up with our social media posts and updates.