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Marc Seelinger Swamp School Instructor

Our classes are instructor lead by one of our highly qualified team members. They help clients understand the technical and regulatory aspects of wetland rules. Our instructors share their "real-world" expertise with students so that they may gain wisdom and technical know-how. This personal support and high-quality training sets The Swamp School apart and is the reason our many clients have included government enterprises, engineering firms, energy companies, regulatory organizations, educational institutions, and real estate agencies.

You’ve got a friend in the Swamp.
The Swamp School is about teaching complicated scientific processes to newly hired employees who need this information to do their job.

The thing that differentiates us from our competition is that we have “been there and done that.” Our training is based upon real world experience.

The nature of the material and the technology needed to run the online programs require that we respond very quickly to customer questions. We often joke that at some point the Swamp School became a technology company. Most of our customer questions relate to how to access Swamp School materials using our systems. This is a problem and one we address every day. We do so by providing a live 24/7 answering service that forwards calls to our team. We have live chat during the working day that gets used quite a lot. We also have a support ticketing system for email questions. In all cases questions are answered within 1 business day or less. We are always looking for ways to simplify our systems and have made some major strides in that direction.

Teaching complicated scientific processes to newly hired employees who need these skills to do their jobs.


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