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viritual swamp toursA whole new way to look at the Swamp! Wetland Jobs in the Northeast (PA, VA, NJ, NY, OH, NC, WV, MD, KY, TN) The Marcellus Shale FormationWith this find there are environmental responsibilities. We have prepared a customized class for wetland scientists to get them up to speed on what new delineation requirements are associated with this project. Join us in June to learn about all of the new Army Corps of Engineers Wetland updates and how they impact the exploration of the The Marcellus Shale formation.The Marcellus Shale formationConsidering Wetlands and AgricultureWhen producing an annual agricultural commodity, USDA program participants must apply an approved conservation system that meets the substantial reduction or no substantial increase definitions. To maintain eligibility, participants must also certify that they have not produced crops on converted wetlands after December 23, 1985, and did not convert a wetland after November 28, 1990, to make agricultural production possible. cowsThis class has been prepared to present the technical aspects of wetland delineation so that the farmer, rancher, attorney and other concerned individuals will understand the process of wetland identification and delineation. Students will learn what constitutes a wetland from a regulatory and legal perspective as well as from a practical “in the field” view. This class differs from our US Army Corps of Engineers in several key areas. First, it is specifically focused on agricultural wetlands. The issue of farmed wetland, prior converted wetlands and many other unique wetland types are discussed. Second, this class is intended to be an introductory regulatory and technical class. Field work is not required for this class. Third, this class is offered exclusively online and can be completed in the comfort of your home or office.Who Should Take This Class:

  • Farmers
  • Ranchers
  • Foresters
  • Attorneys
  • NAD Attorneys
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Technical Service Providers
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Students
  • Consultants

More Information ==>HERECustom TrainingDo you have a group of folks that need to get trained? If so, contact us about custom wetland training.  We will come to you.More information about this can be found ==> HERE
The Swamp School We provide discipline-focused education and training in environmental and wetlands management. At home or in the field, The Swamp School has a course designed expressly for you from the recognized environmental scientist and instructor, Marc Seelinger.Wetland Hydrology Design Online Class Sneak Peak classroom and field course offerings are focused on your environmental needs, including:

DO I HAVE A WETLAND ON MY PROPERTY? The answers to this question, and the obvious follow-up question (“If I do, then where are the wetland boundaries?”), have significant implications on property values, wildlife management activities, restoration and enhancement potential, and regulatory review. Our wetland delineation training classes are designed to provide you with a background regarding the science and practice of wetland determination and delineation. These classes will help you whether you plan on preparing a wetlands delineation or just need to know the basics about wetland delineation. Our wetlands classes will help you understand and analyze the work of consultants and regulatory agency staff regarding wetland delineation. Furthermore, this information will allow you to be a careful and educated consumer when selecting a wetland consultant. It is important to note that wetland determination and delineation can be a complicated process that requires substantial technical knowledge. The Swamp School offers classes for affiliated industries like real estate to complete wetland training programs used at environmental consulting firms. OSHA Training The Swamp School offers a premier online safety training portal for Construction, General Industry and OSHA Outreach Training. Our interactive online courses include the 10 Hour Outreach, 30 Hour Outreach,  and the Hazwoper 40 Hour, 24 Hour and 8 Hour Refresher. Get your OSHA training online today! New and Updated Courses: Our staff of Safety Professionals has recently completed the annual revision of our OSHA 10 Hour Construction Outreach , OSHA 30 Hour Construction Outreach, OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Outreach and OSHA 30 Hour General Industry Outreach Courses. The revisions feature updated content which address changes to the OSHA standards, enhanced illustrated text and revised quiz questions. Now Available: OSHA General Industry Outreach Course Study Guides!Take a sneak peek at our online wetlands classes.The Swamp School Online

“The instructor knows the material and has experience that exceeds the academic aspects of instruction. His knowledge of current regulations was amazing. He taught us how-to.” – John H.  “Great information, very hands-on field work, instructor was helpful and responsive to questions”.- Jared W. “My knowledge and enthusiasm for wetlands has increased exponentially because of this class!” – Dave N. “I found the class useful in refreshing my mind and extending my knowledge into a field that I have been working in for three years now.” – Dan C. WetDel
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Soil Order Profile Assessment

Free Soil Order Profile Assessment

What soil order matches your personality?
Try our Free Soil Order Profile Assessment to find out!
It’s fun!


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