Southeastern Wetland Plant ID



Product Description

Southeastern Wetland Plant Identification

Swamp School Quick Start Program

Do you need to learn your wetland plants quickly?

If so, why not join us for a day in the field with an expert botanist.

The class is entirely a field workshop. We will set out on the trail to identify different wetland habitats and their unique vegetative communities. The class will be led by a team of expert botanists who will show you the tips and tricks to quickly identify the plants that are in the area. We will also be recording the vegetation found on the US Army Corps of Engineers Regional Supplement Data forms and will review the plant math to determine if the habitat is a wetland plant community.

This class is a great supplement to our week long wetland training series as well as a great review of the plants found in the southeast. Whether you are an experienced wetland delineator or just getting started, this a perfect class to help you hone your wetland plant identification skills.

NEW USACOE Point Intercept Method

We will be going over this highly accurate technique featured in all of the USACOE Regional Supplements. Each student will receive as part of this class our all-new custom wetland densitometer ($40 value).  In addition, we will also include a custom vegetation inventory worksheet specifically designed to be used with the USACOE Point Intercept Sampling Method.

Continuing Education

8 Professional Development Hours (PDH) and 0.5 Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS) credits are available.  A certificate of training will be provided.