Principles of Wetland Design | Pittsburgh | July 2017

Principles of Wetland Design | Pittsburgh, PA | July 10-13, 2017



Principles of Wetland Design

4-Day Hands-On Workshop
July 10-13, 2017

Location:  Pittsburgh, PA

Hurry! Limited Seats Available

This is a new approach to understanding wetland design. This 4-day class will prepare you to diagnose and understand how a wetland should function as well as ways to improve wetland projects in peril.


Identification of the critical wetland functions will be presented including:

  • Shoreline bank erosion control
  • Sediment stabilization
  • Water quality
  • Wildlife
  • Fish (tidal, non-tidal stream/river, and non-tidal pond/lake), and
  • Uniqueness/heritage.


The next phase of the assessment includes the development of the methods and calculations necessary to properly plan for wetland hydrology. A water budget will be established to enable students to understand how water circulates though a wetland. Upon completion of the class students will be able to prepare a water budget and properly size a proposed wetland system.
The topics covered in this class include:

  • Water Cycle Principles
  • Understanding Groundwater
  • Surface Runoff Calculations
  • Evapotranspiration
  • Wetland Water Budget Development


Once the target wetland functions have been identified and the water budget is established it is time to start putting the wetland together. This phase includes:

  • Wetland planting schedules
  • Soil amendments
  • Project construction planning
  • Monitoring protocols


In an idealized situation if the aforementioned protocols were followed, a pretty successful wetland would result. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. So the next thing we will discuss is how to take apart an existing wetland project to identify what might not be working. Sometimes this is the water budget. Sometimes it is an issue with conflicting goals. Sometimes it is just something dumb. Our forensic approach will highlight what could be fixed to restore the design back to its intended functions.

The class will conclude with the preparation of a student wetland design project based upon a field site at the Wetlands Center. Each student will prepare a wetland mitigation approach to the site and present a detailed plan that will cover all of the finer points covered in class.  The class will be divided into design teams that will evaluate each of the approaches to the site in a design charrette format.  Ultimately, the selected design will be presented to the Wetland Center (stakeholder) with the possibility for future construction.

This class is about as hands on as you can get as we will be preparing a design that may eventually go to construction.

Credit Hours: 36

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Q: What states approve this certification? Will I be able to legally perform wetland delineations in Va that are able to be submitted?
— Asked by Jordan Hoffman on June 8, 2017
A: VA has a Wetland Delineation licence that requires a test. The class will count as a pre-requisite training that VA requires. See: for more details.
mm — http://Marc%20Seelinger
Q: Is the Principles of Wetland Design course pre-approved by SWS for PWS recertification credits?
— Asked by Steve Shaw on April 12, 2017
A: It is not pre-approved, but it will count towards PWS. We just have not submitted to them yet.
mm — http://Marc%20Seelinger
Q: Is this class eligible for LA CES™ credits?
— Asked by Matt Sickle on May 18, 2017
A: It should count. Please contact our office for more details.
mm — http://Marc%20Seelinger

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