Introduction to Excel


Product Description

The Introduction to Excel course is in 4 parts and contains the following elements:

Excel 101 – Fundamentals of Using Excel

Learn the basic elements of Microsoft Excel and learn how to navigate the user interface. Once you learn where everything is, you’ll learn how to customize the Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar so your most commonly used functions will only be a mouse-click away. Finally, you’ll learn how to use Excel’s internal Help functions.

Excel 111 – Basic Formatting

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use formatting to make your spreadsheets look amazing. Not only will your spreadsheets look great, but they’ll be easier to read too! You’ll learn all about fonts, alignment, number formatting, borders, and fill. You’ll also learn some best practices for formatting so that your spreadsheets showcase your creativity without being an eyesore.

Excel 121 – Introduction to Page Layout

Have you ever had trouble getting your spreadsheet to print on one page? This workshop will show you how you can change the physical position of your spreadsheet on a print-out, so that it looks just the way you want it. You’ll also be introduced to Tabs and learn how to Freeze Panes, which allows you scroll through a large spreadsheet while still allowing you to see your column or row labels.

Excel 131 – AutoFilters

Excel’s AutoFilters are one its most important features, allowing you to quickly sort or filter your data with just the click of a mouse. This course provides you with an in-depth look at how to use AutoFilters so that you can quickly and efficiently find the data that you need based on the text in a cell, a numerical range, or a cell’s color.


This 4-part workshop series if offered on-demand and at your convenience.  You can work on this class at a time and place that is best for you!