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Suppose you want to build a new hotel on the perfect plot of land on the outskirts of town. After investigation of the site, you learn to your dismay that there are several federally listed species that would be negatively affected by your development.  You find out that if you were hurt or harass any animal, it would count as a take, which is illegal.
In order to proceed with your project, you will need to acquire an incidental take permit, which requires the preparation of a habitat conservation plan.

In this course you will learn the following:

  • Regulatory background and requirements for a Habitat Conservation Plan
  • Developing a description of the proposed project
  • Determination of the biological resources that are affected
  • Developing a take assessment
  • Using Habitat Suitability Indexes to determine the effects of the take
  • Developing a conservation program to minimize or mitigate the effects of the tale
  • Reviewing alternatives for minimizing or mitigating effects
  • Creating a conservation implementation plan
  • Developing an HCP report

We will cover these topics and more in only two weeks!  This is a great opportunity to enhance your analytical skills and improve your overall knowledge of data collection.  Hands-on data management and the preparation of instructor lead assignments are all part of this workshop.

This introductory workshop is offered online and can be completed on your own schedule over the course of two weeks.  Each week you will be able to participate in classroom discussions, watch video presentations and complete class assignments all from the convenience of your home or office.   Plus, you can work on the class at a time that is most suitable to your schedule.  There is no need to log in at any particular time to participate in this program.

Time Limits

The workshop is being offered in an on-demand format. You can log in any time and watch the presentations and work on the assignments. There is not a specific time you need to start the class, and it is available anytime day or night. The class will remain active in your account for 120 days after your start the class.

Credit Hours: 8

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