Developing Wetland Water Budgets [Raleigh]

Developing Wetland Water Budgets

Raleigh, NC Classroom Workshop

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Product Description

Design Workshop

Establishing an accurate estimate of the anticipated water budget of a wetland is critical to a project’s success. This two-day workshop will present how to create a water budget for an existing or planned wetland site. We will cover important topics such as:

  • Site landform considerations
  • Weather data
  • Evaporation and Transpiration
  • The effects of groundwater on a site
  • Surface runoff
  • And a few more important tidbits

Using the data derived from the site conditions we are then able to create water budget models. We will present traditional modeling approaches as well as a new innovative computer software package that does the challenging work for you. The WetBud (Windows) software is included as part of the workshop.

The final part of the workshop is for you to create your own water budget for a wetland or planned wetland using either our demonstration project or a project of your own. You will create a custom wetland water budget that our team of experts will review and suggest modifications that may improve the overall design.

Learn how to improve your wetland design with this highly interactive online workshop by registering today!

Location:  Swamp School Wetland Center, Angier, NC (WiFi Available)

Equipment Needed For Class:  Windows based laptop

Professional Development Hours : 16

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