Certified Hydric Soils Investigator | 2018

Certified Hydric Soils Investigator | 2018




Certified Hydric Soils Investigator


This certification program is designed to educate, test and demonstrate your knowledge of the US Army Corps of Engineers Hydric Soils Indicators. Each week we will be discuss the specific USACOE hydric soils indicators for each region. These regions include:

  • Alaska
  • Arid West
  • Atlantic & Gulf Coast
  • Caribbean Islands Region
  • Eastern Mountains and Piedmont
  • Great Plains
  • Hawaii and Pacific Islands
  • Mid-West
  • Northcentral and Northeast
  • Western Mountains

Many of the topics we will discuss include:

  • A, S and F indicators types
  • Carbon, sulfur and iron indicators
  • The importance of oxidized rhizospheres
  • Floodplain soil indicators
  • How to identify hydric red parent material soils
  • Regional problem soils

The class is presented in a weekly format and will run for 12 weeks. This class is offered entirely online as a virtual classroom experience. The class grade weight for each activity is listed below.

  • Upload local field soils data into the virtual soil library (50%)
  • Participate in virtual classroom presentations (10%)
  • Evaluate hydric soils topics with other students in our online discussion forum (10%)

We will also have you take a mid-term (15%) and final exam (15%) to verify your proficiency in hydric soils identification. Once you pass these requirements you will become a Certified Hydric Soils Investigator (CHSI).


As a Certified Hydric Soils Investigator (CHSI) you will receive a certificate and an electronic seal that can be used for reports and proposals. This certification will remain valid for 5 years and is eligible for renewal with additional continuing education. The Certified Hydric Soils Investigator (CHSI) is part of the Swamps School’s overall Certified Wetland Delineator Program (CWD).

Certified Wetland Delineator

To become a Certified Wetland Delineator (CWD) you will be asked to participate in a wetland delineation methods program that will conclude with an in-person field practicum examination. The instructional portion of this program offered online. The field exam is offered several times a year in various locations. The location of the field exam will be based in-part upon the location most central to the majority of students enrolled in the program. We will be adding more online wetland component sessions soon. Please keep an eye on our calendar for the latest updates.

Time Limits

You must complete the class by the end of the session. If you are unable to complete the class within that time frame you MUST notify the Swamp School. You will be allowed to enroll in the next scheduled session without incurring an additional fee. However, some or all of your previous coursework may not carry over to the new session. Additional time extensions can be requested and may be subject to a reenrollment fee.

Credit Hours: 36


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2018 Session

January 8, April 2, July 9, October 8