Accelerated Online Wetland Delineation Workshop | 2018

Accelerated Online Wetland Training | 2018



Product Description

Are you having trouble locating a wetland delineation class near you?

Do you need to get wetland trained in a hurry?

Don’t want to travel out of town?

Need to get trained on a specific USACOE Regional Supplement?

Like the personal access to the instructor?

Enjoy the classroom dynamic?

We have some really good news for you!

This year the Swamp School is offering the option to take our USACOE Wetland Delineation and Regional Supplement Training in an accelerated 7 day program. You will be able to participate in our virtual classroom with the other students and instructor to complete the program coursework at the same pace as our weeklong traditional classroom program without the need to travel anywhere. The program includes presentations, class discussions and guided fieldwork that can be done locally. All you need is a local wetland, a standard PC/MAC with a reliable internet connection and a week to get it all done.

The online class program is offered over 5 days. It is entirely on-demand and can be accessed at any time and anywhere with a good internet connection. There are daily assignments and discussion topics that need to be completed and do require your daily participation in the program. However, you choose the time. Generally the online classroom material requires about 3-4 hours per day to complete (16 hours total).

Once you complete the online portion of the class it is time to go outside. This includes a two-day field (16 hour) exercise. We will guide you though all of the USACOE wetland delineation field procedures including the preparation of Reginal Supplement Data forms and the field mapping of a wetland. You will need to locale a suitable wetland site that you can use for the class ahead of time.

Classroom discussions are part of this program. Questions are answered by the instructor daily and you can start a discussion with the class as a whole. If you have a detailed question that you need help with you can schedule one-on-one time with the instructor.

Daily Schedule

  • Monday
    • Laws and Regulations
    • The Wetland Manuals
  • Tuesday
    • National Wetland Inventory
    • Wetland Plants
  • Wednesday
    • Wetland Hydrology
  • Thursday
    • Wetland Soils
  • Friday
    • Offsite Methods
    • Onsite Field Techniques

Second Week

  • Field Day 1
    • Wetland Data Forms for wetland and upland sites
  • Instructor Review Day
  • Field Day 2
    • Wetland Data Forms for wetland and upland sites
    • Wetland Boundary Demarcation

The field work data will be submitted using our online portal and reviewed by the instructor. This is generally the week following the online classroom work and requires 2 separate field days. The instructor will need one day between field days to respond and comment to you first field data submission. This will be coordinated with the instructor before you head out into the field.

Choose your week and which USACOE Region you plan on working in.  Need more than one Region?   Pick one and sign up.  Then let us know what other ones you will need.  We will add them to you account at no extra cost!

Just like our traditional classroom training you will need to set aside a full week to complete the program. So, turn off the cell phone and close your email and get ready for a fun and interactive week of wetland training.

Required Class Materials

  • PC/MAC/Linux Based Computer with High Speed Internet Access
  • Munsell Soil Color Chart
  • Soil Auger or Shovel
  • Plant Guides
  • Digital Camera (Cell Phone Works Fine)
  • Access to a Wetland Site (No Trespassing!)

Time Commitments

You should plan on 3-4 hours per classroom day to work on the course materials.  It is on demand so you can participate on you own daily schedule.   However, you will need to complete each days’ program by the end of the day.

Please plan on 8 hours per field day to complete the field work.

Professional Development

Professional Development Hours – 36

This course is eligible for 2.4 continuing education credits toward the Society of Wetland Scientists’
Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS) Certificate Program.

Group Rates

Do you have a team to train?  If so, ask about our special group rate and customized class sessions.

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