Vision and Values

The Swamp School is first and foremost a learning center.  Our values are what distinguish us amongst our peers.  Our students have come to rely on and trust us for providing the latest updates on both technological advances in the environmental sciences as well as maintaining a leadership role in the delivery of our course material.  This level of trust between the Swamp School and our students is one of our most important values.

The Swamp School is an organization that the students can depend on.  We are present when they need us.  Meaning that we are caring to the student when the have a question or problem.  We are approachable through several support channels and are always polite and thoughtful in listening to and working through a problem or a concern.  We are happy to hear from our students and we will take the time to explain a technical topic with them or resolve a logistical concern making sure that the student feels that they are important to us.

The Swamp School was founded to teach and address student concerns.  Our staff maintains a cheerful disposition and are respectful to our students no matter what the concern or issue may be.  We will seek out to help a struggling student when it appears that they are lost in the content or technology.  We want to make sure that the student feels safe and that they are not alone in their learning journey.  Our staff will always take the time to listen to our students and respond with help in a timely fashion.

The Swamp School is grateful for the investment in education made by our students.  We are aware of the significant amount of time and money that the students share with us and we are prudent with both.  We make sure that the material is professional and cutting edge.   We edit our course material frequently making sure that it is accurate and up to date.  We make sure that our online learning delivery system is working as expected.  When we present a live program, our instructors are well-groomed, wear a company uniform and deliver a fresh and bold program that is designed to engage the students.

The final value that is at the core of the Swamp School is a deep sense of spirituality.  We recognize that all that we do is only made possible by divine intervention.  The knowledge that we process is a heavenly gift that we are compelled to share with our students.  We are humbled by that responsibility and we do so with modesty, gratitude, and respect.